Tricking is a training discipline that combines martial arts kicks, flips, and other styles of ground movement. There are no rules to tricking. We will teach the techniques and skills. You bring the style and determination. Together, we will build your own personal form of tricking.




Prerequisite: NQ Basics

Level 1 is all about the fundamentals. In this class, students learn proper form, arial awareness, conditioning and flexibility training techniques, and basic martial arts moves. Students will also begin to combine each of these components into small tricking lines.​​



Prerequisite: Level 1 Tricking

This is the time to push all boundaries. Students will learn advanced tricks and skills as well as move those tricks off of our mats and on to more difficult structures. At this point, students begin to truly define their styles and know who they are as "trickers".

Stunt Night


Prerequisite: SAG Card

The goal of this program is to create a resource for the Atlanta stunt community to practice the fight and stunt skills needed in the filming industry. Coach, Tony Vittorioso, and stunt performer, Jae Greene, will use various obstacles and props to choreograph fight scenes. All attendees are expected to have their SAG card, their own pads, and basic fighting knowledge.



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