One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Those women have a huge and unfair battle to fight. After watching his mom fight this battle in 2012, Henry Ferrarin desperately wanted to help. He then created Ninja for a Cure - a movement which raises funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We are so excited to play a part in this movement which merges our passion with the opportunity to help save lives from a horrible disease.

Here is our Challenge to you:

Make an Instagram video showing how YOU #NinjaForACure!

Purchase and wear one of the Ninja for a Cure shirts shown below. Open with "I'm [Your Name] and this is how I Ninja for a Cure." Then show us your favorite trick, skill, or obstacle. End with "How do you Ninja for a Cure?" and challenge your friends! Make sure to tag @ninjaforacure and #ninjaforacure so that it gets seen. The video will then get reposted and a $5 donation will be made in your honor!​​​ We've made a compilation video of the Ninja Quest family showing how we #NinjaForACure. Show us yours!



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