Made popular by the TV series and international participation, Ninja Warrior is the ultimate obstacle course. Ninja Warrior courses are built to challenge strength, technique, and endurance. Our classes teach students of all ages and backgrounds how to complete obstacles with efficiency and safety.


Mini Ninja

(Beginner, Ages 4-8)

Our Mini Ninja program is built to get young children active in a fun and exciting way. By surrounding these students with attentive coaches, interesting activities, and other children, we open up the opportunity to develop skills such as hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and sportsmanship. Students are guaranteed to have a blast in the Mini Ninja Class.

Level 1


Prerequisite: NQ Basics

This beginner class is meant for conditioning and getting familiar with the Ninja Warrior obstacles. The obstacles demand balance, strength, agility, and endurance. The goal is to be able to complete the obstacles consistently with proper technique.

Level 2


Prerequisite: Level 1 Ninja Warrior

Students will now begin to work on more complex obstacles and push their personal bests. These students will know how to approach a course in a way that allows them to think through every move while at a fast pace.​​

Level 3


Prerequisite: Level 2 Ninja Warrior

This level is all about mastering the Ninja Warrior course. Students will perfect their technique and test the limits of their abilities. The advanced class is dedicated to testing how many stages one can complete and how quickly they can do it.

$20 per class • From $17 per visit with 5 Class Pass • Purchase required to enroll



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