Private Group

You don't need any special reason to go out and have fun with your family and friends. Bring the whole group here and have a blast!

Team Building

Everyone will need to put their heads together to get past the obstacles faced in these team building sessions. Can your group learn to work as one? Find out exactly what your group is capable of in this fun and challenging experience!


Train with your team in a whole new atmosphere. Whether you are looking for specific work outs and exercises or just coming in to have fun, your team can get so much out of our gym.​​

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P a r k o u r   a n d   N i n j a   W a r r i o r

Want to host a private event for your business or organization? You have come to the right place! Ninja Quest can hold a wide variety of events for private groups ranging from team building to fundraising. Our staff will work with you to plan your event and make sure the group has a great experience.

Call (678) 384-6493 or email to plan your event!

Plan your Event!

School Trips

Physical Education is one of the most important classes in school because it teaches us to be active and care for our bodies. We would love to be a part of those invaluable lessons.


Invite your school to Ninja Quest to have fun with their family and friends! A percentage of the admission fees will go toward your school. Raising money for education has never been this fun!


Looking for a fun way to get that next patch? There are a wide variety of lessons and skills to be learned at Ninja Quest. Your troop will have love the things they can do together in this gym!