The Results are In!

​January 31, 2016

Ninja Quest had the great privilege of hosting a National Ninja League Qualifier competition this weekend. Both youth and adult ages were welcome to compete throughout the day. There were thirty highly skilled and impressive participants in the youth division. In the adult division, eighty-five competitors tested the limits of their strength and technical abilities. The top five men and top five women would earn the chance to progress to the national competition in New Jersey. This was no simple task as all of the adults were clearly in it to win it. Congratulations to our winners. We wish you the best of luck at the national competition!(*Four of our winners have already qualified in other competitions. Because of this, four additional qualifying spots were added.)

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Qualifying Men

  1. Gordon White*

  2. Jackson Word
  3. Travis Rosen
  4. Chris Bohm
  5. Jo Jo Bynum*
  6. Jimmy Bogle
  7. Reko Rivera

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2016 Annual Jam Results

JUly 24, 2022

Thank you to everyone that participated in the parkour jam this weekend! We are honored to have met all of the talented and creative people that joined us. It was so much fun to watch everyone show off their own styles while sharing new ideas with one other. There were youth and adult speed competitions as well as an adult style competition. Winning was no easy task thanks to all of the excellent competitors. Congratulations to those that earned a spot in the top!​​

2016 Annual Jam Winners

Youth Speed


Youth Speed


Adult Speed


Adult Style


1st. Sam1st. Vance1st. JB Ninjaboy (26.83s)1st. JB Ninjaboy
2nd. Tommy 2nd. Josh2nd. Cole Dobbs (29.51s)2nd. Nate-Dogg
3rd. Ryan3rd. Chauncey3rd. Tuck Barks (31.62s)3rd. Danger Dobbs

Qualifying Women

  1. Kirsti Pratt
  2. Rachel Brown*
  3. Grace Jones
  4. Denise Strelekis
  5. Karen Sabo*
  6. Alice Lacata
  7. Nichelle Simon