Glenn Davis, 53

Glenn began his coaching career in gymnastics over 35 years ago. He owned and operated gymnastics centers for over ten years before becoming the owner of Ninja Quest Fitness. Glenn is far more than a gymnast. He has a black belt in martial arts and has competed and tested on American Ninja Warrior. He is also the proud father of three amazing kids. Ninja Quest is so lucky to have such a dedicated and caring leader. He truly makes us a family.

Tony Vittorioso, 22

Tony began tricking eight years ago in a martial arts studio. Through martial arts, Tony found his true passion which is stunting. He has done stunt work for many well-known shows, films, and other media. Most notably, he is the stunt double for The Walking Dead's character, Jesus. Despite having such a successful career early on in life, he remains humble and gracious. Tony loves teaching our tricking students and is always looking for ways to help them find their own passion which is why we are so glad to have him at Ninja Quest.

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Ryan Stratis, 33

Ryan has spent almost ten years in the Ninja Warrior community! He has competed in all seasons of American Ninja Warrior. In 2011, he made it as far as stage three in Japan! Most recently, he competed as captain of his team, The Stratisfaction, in the new Team Ninja Warrior. This competitive history in combination with six years of coaching experience makes him an awesome addition to the Ninja Quest team.

Julian hames, 25

Julian has been training in parkour for the past six years and has spent most of those years with a group in Athens, GA. This is where he refined his technique and found his flow and style. Eventually, he became a leader in that group which is how he discovered his love for teaching. He then earned his NASM certification for personal training and has been coaching in our gym ever since. We are so glad to have Julian and his great ability to teach safe, clean parkour at Ninja Quest.

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