Tricking is a training discipline that combines martial arts kicks, acrobatics, and other styles of ground movement. There are no rules to tricking. We will teach the techniques and skills. You bring the style and determination. Together, we will build your own personal form of tricking.


What to expect in each Level of our Tricking Curriculum

Level:     Areas of Focus:                                              Tricking Examples:                                                       

1.              Basic Kicks & Setups                                                    180 Vert Spin, Roundhouse                                                          

2.              Deeper Look into Kicks                                                Beginner Handstands & Cartwheels, Combos

3.              More Style-Based                                                         Intermediate Handstands, Roundoffs, One-Handed Cartwheels

4.              More Technical Setups / Into to Ukemi                       Crowd Awakener, Spider & Transformer

5.              Into to Flips                                                                  Beginner Back Flip & Front Flip

6.              Intermediate Flips / Into to Dance Kicks                     Gainer Flash & Giner Switch, A Twist

7.              Application of Advanced Tricking Maneuvers.            Cork & Full Roundhouse Kicks, Double Leg Twist

8.              Putting all the Flashy, Crazy, Cool Stuff Together!     Roundoff Double/Triple Full, Twists to Splits

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