In Loving Memory Of
Coach Travis

Dear Travis, 

When I met you, I saw so many great things. I saw how bright you are, how smart you are, I saw your kindness and how much joy and tenderness was in your smile. I saw strength and youth and a very bright future. However, what I did not see was that you only had 4 more years in this world. In that 4 years, you touched so many lives of children, of parents, and of fellow ninjas. You became a bright figure at competitions, at gyms, and at gatherings, and everywhere ninjas were to be found. You brought laughter and encouragement and great talent. These were your gifts. You were supposed to get 100 years more of touching lives and making changes in the world. We didn't know we would only get 4 more years. It is not fair. And I, like so many will weep for our loss of you, and for the rest of the world that never got the joy of you. Rest in Peace, Travis as the rest of us try to figure out how to move forward without you. 
Your Quest Family 

Photos from the TRust Fundraiser Competition!