Camp Rules & Policies

PLEASE, let us know if your child has an allergy, food/airborne/etc & if there is any allergy medicine we need to be aware of and we request that you please do NOT pack any peanuts or nut-products of any kind in lunches or snacks!

Helpful Information

  • Doors open @ 8:30am

  • Camp activities start @ 9am (but if you are late, it is ok!)

  • Please make sure you sign a Pick up authorization form when dropping off on the first day

  • Front Desk will double check that you have a waiver on file with us. If not, we have paper versions at the front desk or you can fill it out and sign it online. 

  • Campers must bring their own lunch each day (this is due to allergies)

  • You can prepay an account for your child to buy concessions, snacks or drinks. Please see Front Desk. 

  • After Care is $5 per 15 minutes day per participant if you need to extend hours for care. Please see Front Desk.



Camps Are Non-Refundable. They are transferable at face value. Please contact front desk.



Ninja Quest welcomes all age appropriate and enthusiastic participants to our Camps! It is our objective to create an exciting and unique camp experience for all of our Ninja/Parkour kids! 


REQUIREMENTS to enter any Ninja Quest camp program: 

  • Children need to be potty-trained (please refer to our potty training policy) 

  • Children should be able to interact with other students, guides, and other adults respectfully 

  • Children should be able to listen to coaches and stay with their designated group 

  • Children 4 years to 6 years old should be able to participate at a minimum in a 9a to 1p format 

  • Children should be able to communicate without excessive tantrums (which inhibit the daily activities of all the children participating) 

  • The oldest camper we accept is 12 years old. Please be advised that we limit admissions to those ages 4-12.


  • Respect all staff members, other campers and the camp equipment and property. 

  • No foul language. 

  • Participate and cooperate in all camp activities. 

  • Encourage others in your group to try hard and compliment their good efforts. 

  • Always stay with your group and your coach. 

  • No campers are to leave camp early without parental permission. 

  • Follow safety regulations: - 

    • No running, shoving or pushing 

    • No fighting or aggressive behavior 

Any child who does not abide by all camp rules will either have a "time-out" from a particular camp activity or have a "time-out" for the entire day. A camper may also be dismissed from camp at any time if their behavior is severe or flagrant. Ninja Quest retains the right to dismiss any camper in violation of camp rules or policies, without notice. NO refund will be issued for missed days, late arrival or dismissal from camp. 



  • All campers must bring their own lunch due to individual allergy and food requirements. 

  • ALL PARENTS are required to notify Ninja Quest if the Camper has any allergies or airborne food allergies/sensitivities. 

  • Registration is due on the Monday of every week, the latest. 

  • Camp begins at 9:00am with early arrival by 8:30am. 

  • Camp concludes at 1:00pm or 4:00pm depending on the package you purchased. 

  • All campers’ parents or authorized persons must enter facility and stop at front desk to sign in and out campers. 


  • Extended pick up hours are available until 6:00pm and must be set up and paid for at front desk.

  • Extended pick up hours is a quiet time for your child. Please include books, games, electronics, etc for their restful time. 

  • Any camper that is picked up after their camp conclusion time will be billed at a $5 per day late fee. Payment must be made at the time of pick-up. 

  • All campers must complete waiver online or in physical form before participating in camp activities. 

  • Camper accident/illness insurance is the responsibility of the camper’s parent or guardian. 

  • Cancellations/Tuition credits will be made only if the camp office is notified, in writing/email, two weeks prior to the start of the camp week. Exceptions are made by Ninja Quest Management on a case by case basis depending on individual circumstances. 

  • No refunds/tuition credits will be issued for withdrawal/absence due to NO SHOW campers. 


Potty Training Policy 

Ninja Quest requires that children entering into any of our programs are potty trained. Ninja Quest is not a daycare and the gym is not equipped for diapering/potty training. A potty trained child ... 

  • Will tell the teacher that he/she needs to go to the bathroom before needing to go 

  • Is able to go to the bathroom (either urinating or a bowel movement) on his/her own. That includes being able to remove clothing, sit on the toilet, wipe himself/herself using an appropriate amount of toilet paper, put clothing back on, flush the toilet, and wash and dry hands. 

  • Is fully aware of using the toilet without reminders from the teachers (although, teachers do make requests of children at various times of the day- before or after meals and before going into the gym). 

  • Does not wear pull-ups or diapers. He/she must be in regular underwear. 

  • Is able to postpone going if waiting for someone else who is in the bathroom or if we are outside 

  • Why do children need to be potty trained before entering any Ninja Quest camp? Ninja Quest does not have the staff to potty train our students. The ratios required for our programs are higher than a toddler classroom and do not allow for potty training or diapering. If a coach is spending their time with potty training, then he/she is unable to work with children in routine daily activities. This is not fair to any of the children. Diapering stations are a licensing requirement for programs that change diapers. There are strict standards for changing and disposing of wet or soiled diapers or clothing. This does not fall within the perimeters of licensing requirements for Ninja Quest. We understand that accidents happen, but our gym equipment is not an area that can sanitarily withstand these types of accidents. If your child has accidents, we do not consider them potty-trained. If the situation is not manageable within the gym environment, we will discuss the issue with the parents. Considerations may include having the child switch to a facility that is licensed for potty training and diapering until they are potty trained. Ninja Quest reserves the right to suspend attendance of the child without a refund until they are fully potty trained. When they are ready to be a part of the Ninja Quest program, we can apply any un-used days. 


Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have!

After reading over the rules and policies, please make sure to print and bring the "camper authorization - pick up form" (provided in the attachment button here)