To Camp or Not To Camp?

The question of camp has always been loaded with concerns; there are schedule constraints, finances to consider, transportation issues, and will my kids have fun? Will they make or see their friends there?

Thanks to 2020 we can now add Covid to the concerns! Although, we know activity and movement are significant needs in the healthy regimen of childhood growth and development, we can sometimes forget the importance of social interaction and connection to peers and healthy adults throughout our children’s lives. This year our kids have felt the impact of not being with their friends and teachers as much as they need or are used to. I recently read “Making and strengthening relationships while being guided by loving people is what camp is all about.” We, at Ninja Quest could not agree more. Camps can be the perfect opportunity to ease back into the social environment we are all craving, while giving our kids a chance to stretch and move in much needed forms of exercise and activity for growing minds and bodies.

Along with health concerns, the CDC is reporting serious mental and health issues that are on the rise because of the restrictions that came with the presence of Covid. Our kids need healthy physical and relational outlets, and we need to provide them. Ninja Quest has adopted a new disinfection regime in response to Covid and we plan to maintain that long after Covid has left our thoughts and society. We are doing our part in keeping our gym safe for every age to comfortably enter our building.

Our efforts are to continue to provide a camp where your children’s needs and desires are built right into our programs, keeping the focus fun and exciting. As our usual tradition, we send your kids home to you tired and with a healthy appetite! We hope we can partner with you to bring some normalcy and fun back to summer days. See you soon!

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