Summer Camps Now Available!!!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Summer camps are now available for sign ups!

Come in for a fun filled summer break!!!

Week 1: May 28 - June 1 | Kick off to Summer*

Week 2: June 4 - 8 | Ninja Warrior Camp

Week 3: June 11 - 15 | Flight School**

Week 4: June 18 - 22 | Parkour Camp

Week 5: June 25 - 29 | Questopoly***

Week 6: July 9 - 13 | Ninja Warrior Camp

Week 7: July 16 - 20 | Parkour Camp

Week 8: July 23 - 27 | Quest for the lost treasure of Captain Greatness****

*Kick off to Summer: Start your summer with a bang! Get ready to flip into this scorching hot season with ninja fun. Replace that pesky math homework with some shoulder rolls! Instead of learning the area of a circle, you could be learning the area of the gym! Which excites you the most??

**Flight School: Its a proven fact that Ninjas love to fly! Your camps will feel the wind through their hair as they soar from one obstacle to the next. Our coaches will help campers to run, jump and fly from one exciting activity to the next, including obstacles games!

***Questopoly: Come participate in the most exciting human-sized board game to hit the south. Ninja Quest Fitness will become a life-sized board game complete with mini games, obstacles, and strategy. Your child is sure to talk about this experience for years to come.

****Quest for the lost treasure of Captain Greatness: Ninjas take on shark week as we play all of your favorite nautical ninja games, as well as a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts! The hunt for the lost treasure of Captain Greatness will take perseverance & teamwork. Finish the summer off by navigating an ocean full or obstacle-based challenges!