Spring Team League Regional Finals

Congratulations to everyone who joined us to compete in the Regional Finals of the Team Ninja League - Spring Season hosted by GA Parkour Academy!


Teen Division:

1st Place: Yellow Daredevils

2nd Place: Samurai

3rd Place: Ninjas

Yellow Daredevils: Matthew Hall, Henry Katrek, Bailey McGill

Junior Division:

1st Place: Purple Spartans

2nd Place: Lions

3rd Place: Aztecs

Purple Spartans: Jason West, Christopher Kelly, Charlie Parker Singleton (not pictured)

Youth Division:

1st Place: Black Gladiators

2nd Place: Green Knights

3rd Place: Dragons

Black Gladiators: Lucas Nelson, Jackson Kell

We will be announcing the dates for our Summer League, so check back soon or call for more details! See you all next season!

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12/31 - New Year's Eve

1/1 - New Years

4/12 - Easter

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12/25 - Christmas

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