Quest Team Faceoff Youth Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who competed in Sunday's Youth Team Competition! It was a huge success!!

Winners of the 1st Annual Youth Competition:

Youth Division: 6-8 years old

1st Place: The Flashes

2nd Place: The Monkey Ninjas

3rd Place: The Bungee Bunch

4th Place: Ninja Chickens

5th Place: Ninja Fire Bears

6th Place: Girl Warriors

7th Place: Ninja All Stars

8th Place: Team Floss

9th Place: Team Newbies

The Flashes: Jackson, Lucas, Leah | Team Monkey Ninjas: Henry, Christina, Eric | The Bungee Bunch: Kellen, Grant, Haley

Junior Division: 9-12 years old

1st Place: Team Greatness

2nd Place: Mythical Ninjas

3rd Place: Ninjaguars

4th Place: Time Machine Warriors

5th Place: Team Ninja Madness

Team Greatness: Lucy, Luke, Tate | Mythical Ninjas: Tyler, Chris, Naty | Ninjaguars: Dominick, Corrine, Jedidiah

Teen Division: 13-17 years old

1st Place: Team Quest

2nd Place: Mega Yeet

3rd Place: The Trolls

4th Place: Nature Ninjas

Team Quest: Vance, Jadyn, Brooks | Team Mega Yeet: Ethan, Ava, Bailey | The Trolls: Liam, Katie, Henry