Ninja Quest Gets a Very Special Visitor

Repost from our co-owner and multi time Ninja Glenn Davis:

Long post, but worth reading. I had the most amazing experience yesterday at open gym at Ninja Quest. I walked into the gym and this amazing kid (Elliott) ran up to me saying Glenn Davis I love you. This kid knew more about me than I know myself. he said I saw you fall on the Ferris wheel in semifnals. He said I'm sorry you missed the wall, but know you got it this year. He also told me that all the old people he knows are in their 30's except for me. he said I know you're 5'8" and 145 lbs.

He said wow you're strong and have big muscles, I ant to arm wrestle you. I wasn't going to back down from the challenge. He then proceeded to say I know I'm a stranger to you, but you are not a stranger to me because I know everything about you.

I want to say this to anybody who has been on on the show or in a similar circumstance - you never know who is watching you or what effect you have on people. This is why I do what I do. Thank you Elliott for making my day and ninja warrior experience and driving almost 2 hours to come to the gym. Watch American Ninja Warrior this Monday. There are so amazing people and athletes. RunJumpMove by Faith.

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