Results from Level Up's NNL Competition

We are incredibly proud of our athletes & coaches who had a fantastic showing this past weekend at Level Up's NNL Qualifier competition. Congratulations to all who competed!

NQ at LevelUp

October 10-11, 2020

Ninja Quest Standings

We took 34 competitors

Kids Ages 6-8

-1st boys Lincoln Kaasa*

-3rd boys James Huck

-7th boys Jackson Boutelle

-2nd girls Ava Dombrowski

Mature Kids Ages 9-10

-3rd boys Zachary Boutelle

-6th boys Jackson Kell*

-7th boys Henry Kaasa*

-9th boys Aiden Toolan

-11th boys Marcus Oppenheim

-14th boys Dixon Holland

-16th boys Trevor Drew

-2nd girls Eliana Amran

-6th girls Sara Findling

Preteen Ages 11-12

-6th boys Andrew Baltes

-10th boys Alex Higgins

-13th boys Grant Andrews*

-1st girls Arden Jensen

-3rd girls Emily Fisher

-8th girls Danyelle McDonald

Teens Ages 13-15

-2nd boys Tate Allen

-7th boys Galileu Carvolho

-8th boys Jadon Eickmeyer

(No girl entries)

Young Adults Ages 16-17

-1st boys Liam Allen

-4th boys Ethan Bartnicki

-5th boys Bryce Jones

-8th boys Christopher Jones

(No girl entries)

Masters Male

-1st Nick Patel

-9th Shannon Findling

-10th Tris Utschig

(No lady entries)

Adult Male

-2nd Devon Eubanks

-4th Henry Katrek

Adult Female

-3rd Dara DePaolo

-7th Natalie Goodwin

Elite Male

-3rd Matthew Hall

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