From The Teacher - An Update from Quest Virtual School

Today marks the second week of Virtual School for Quest. Overcoming the difficulties of technology overload on school systems having all their students sign on and crowd the systems at one time, we ventured into new territory with stumbling success! Learning continues to morph with societal changes as we strive to meet the challenges brought on by adjustments in our communities to the current circumstances we find ourselves facing.

This is a change for Ninja Quest. We have been on the forefront of physical development for our kids, since our opening five years ago. We are now getting a chance to see the work we do in the gym impact our kids in the classroom. Because of this unique opportunity, I am convinced, more than ever, of the incredible need for brain work to be balanced with a lot of physical activity for little minds and bodies in the classroom. The connections made in the brain when a child learns to strategize their movement and the spatial awareness to objects and others as they map their path in the physical world and move and have their being with fluidity and skill, is a direct impact to the way their brain will work in all areas of their development.

It is my hope that some of the good that comes out of this COVID-19 situation is a heightened awareness for healthy, ongoing activity for our children. So often, when budgets face cuts, shut-downs diminish healthy play time and days drag on with little to do, it is our kids who get hurt the most. We hope you will investigate our program and enhance your child’s education with a full day at Ninja Quest. As always, we send them home, hungry, physically tired, and now a little brain tired too. You’re welcome😊